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FPH [Free Press Houston] WAT 2014 | 8.9.14

"The WAT?! Tour’s 9th year promises to be its biggest yet."

The Houston Chronicle WAT 2014 | 8.8.14

"For anyone who believes that poetry is stuffy or ephemeral, I urge you to hang out with performance poets."

AN OPEN BOOK [InPrint blog] WAT 2013 | 8.2.13

"make no mistake there is a dynamism in WAT’s performances that cannot be recreated by simply reading the page silently in your study" 

FPH [Free Press Houston] WAT 2013 | 7.30.13

"Thanks to the WAT?! Tour, open mic nights and other poetry events, the Houston poetry scene is becoming one of the largest in the country"


HOUSTON PRESS | WAT 2013 | 8.2.13

"Poet Outspoken Bean is among the featured performers at this year's Word Around Town (W.A.T.) Poetry Tour 2013, our only choice for Sunday."



"The Word Around Town Tour is an annual weeklong poetry marathon held at a different venue every night for seven days each summer since 2006, and it’s grown every year since it started. "


AN OPEN BOOK [InPrint blog] WAT 2012 | 8.14.12 

Houston poets and spoken word artists are in a buzz this week with the Word Around Town happenings. Many of you may already know about this week of poetic fun and some of you may have already attended one of the nightly readings. We asked Inprint friend and local blogger Dean Liscum to give us more details about Word Around Town 2012 and report on some of these readings for us...MORE


AN OPEN BOOK [Notes Midway] WAT 2012 | 8.16.12 

Standing Room Only The tour has made stops at Bohemeo’s, the Artery, BoomTown Heights, and EAT Gallery. They are each unique places with their own personality...MORE


FPH [Free Press Houston] 

“The full spectrum of Houston poetry is showcased annually around town via the growing Word Around Town Poetry Tour. If you haven’t heard of it yet, this seven-day tour is the perfect opportunity to educate your mind and entertain your soul through the works of local poets.” MORE



“For seven years, the Word Around Town Tour has offered the brightest and the best of Houston’s poets for free to the public. It’s the perfect chance for you to experience some local wordplay.” MORE



KH-TV filmed this great documentary about the 2012 tour.


Novelist and Professor; El Librotraficante and founder of 
Nuestra Palabra: Latino Writers Having Their Say

That is how Houston celebrates arts across demographic lines, across neighborhood boundaries, across genres. That is what Quantum Demographics is all about. People know about the black gold running through veins that erected the Houston skyline, but more people need to know about the powerful poetry pumping through the veins of this city. Nuestra Palabra, the Librotraficantes, Rebel Crew and Make.Play.Speak are all proud to contribute their part to this celebration of all that is brilliant in Houston